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Musical Instrument Appraiser and Museum Consultant

I have a Masters and a PhD in organology, the academic study of musical instruments. I am a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). I study and appraise musical instruments of all types and time periods, from strings to winds and from ancient to modern. I am particularly interested in and knowledgeable about instruments with celebrity associations. If it makes a sound and you need information about it, I can probably help you.

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Musical Instruments: It's What I Do

I have been a musical instrument specialist for over 20 years. I have worked as a musical instrument museum curator, researcher, photographer, cataloger, as well as a film music composer and Nashville session musician. My entire working life has been involved with musical instruments and music related jobs. If it involves music in some way, it's likely that I have done it at some point.

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I specialize in musical instrument appraising and research, but I have a broad range of aptitudes and experience; if you have an unusual and/or odd task that’s music related, and you have no idea who you should contact to help you with it, there’s a very good chance I’m the perfect person for you to call.

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I am a member of the International Society of Appraisers, specializing in musical instruments. I am qualified to appraise musical instruments of every type, from the common such as guitars and pianos, to the more unusual, such as harpsichords, bagpipes, ukuleles, pipas, church bells, didgeridoos, and many others. If it makes a sound, I've probably appraised one. I also am qualified to appraise musical ephemera, such as posters, artwork, costumes, etc. I have a particular affinity for instruments and objects with celebrity associations (which in many cases can greatly add to the value.) I can prepare appraisals for insurance valuations, tax purposes, or any other reason. My client list includes collectors, rock stars, universities, and major museums from around the world.

And hopefully, you.


I have extensive experience researching and consulting for a variety and number of institutions, including universities and national museums. I have consulted for major museums on exhibit layout and guest flow. I have helped develop effective bilingual museum signage. I have worked on musical instrument exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. I have identified and photographed musical instruments from around the world for many important museums and universities. I have written books and articles on a variety of musical subjects that have appeared in both academic and popular publications. I also have a large amount of media experience, having both interviewed and been interviewed on music and museum related subjects in documentaries, national television, radio, and online. I've  also been an expert witness for musical instrument-related lawsuits.

What can I do for you?

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1111 East Palm Canyon Drive #124
Palm Springs, CA 92264

+1 (949) 339 7147

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