Rock Chic - The Life and Times of the Electric Guitar -National Museum of Ireland, Dublin. November 2006 -Jan 2007

The electric guitar has realised a key place in our culture by changing the sound of modern music but who invented the electric guitar? The question isn't as simple as it sounds. As an iconic symbol of the sound (and fury) of the rock and roll rebellion, probably no musical instrument has generated as much controversy as the electric guitar. As befits such a revolutionary instrument, even its origins have been the cause of much heated debate and the cause of much mythology.

This exhibition showed how this iconic instrument has occupied a key place in our culture. Visitors embarked on a journey that spanned 75 years and featured rare and vintage guitars including the 'Frying Pan' the world's 'first' electric guitar, never previously exhibited outside the USA. The collection also featured instruments associated with the world's greatest musicians and an extraordinary display of customised instruments.


Born to Rock - Harrods, Knightsbridge, London. February - March 2007 

A history of rock and roll wrapped up in a Multi-media experience, this fantastic exhibition captured the excitement that goes into the making of the rock and roll concert experience. Born to rock gathered together 150 noteworthy guitars played by some of the biggest names in music including the Edge and Neil Young, The exhibition included many rare and valuable guitars including the Rickenbacker 'Frying Pan' as part of its first trip outside the USA.
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Brother Musician, Listen to a Miracle! Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad, California. Summer 2006

This exhibition charted the development of the electric guitar by exploring the innovations, both well known and not so well known, pioneered by the Rickenbacker Company. The exhibition focused on the story of Rickenbacker electric instruments, which have included, in addition to their well-known guitars and basses, electric violins, double basses, mandolins and even an electric orchestral pedal harp.

Featured in the exhibit were instruments from the personal collection of John Hall, of Rickenbacker International Corporation, and included many prototypes and custom instruments, as well as rare and vintage examples from Rickenbacker's 75 year history. This was a unique chance to see a comprehensive display of electrified instruments rarely seen outside of the pages of vintage guitar-enthusiast magazines placed in historical context with historic documents and memorabilia, some never publicly displayed before, from the Rickenbacker archives.