Bar Fret Material For Sale

Nickel-silver (18% nickel) bar fret wire for sale. This material is rectangular-sectioned and is not tanged. The dimensions are 1.2 mm (0.047 inches) deep by 6 mm (0.235 inches) high (which allows for a variety of fret heights/setting depths) and comes in strips approximately 305 mm (1 foot) long. Four strips should fret a typical 18 fret guitar with some left over. This is the authentic material for 19th century guitars. This material was cut from sheet-metal to a specification for Matthew's reconstruction of the 1890 Breed Guitar design and the minimum order was far greater than what was needed for the project. If you have ever tried to find bar fret material you know how difficult this material is to source. Martin is the only guitar manufacturer who still uses it (mostly for warranty work) and they do not sell it to the public.

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